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Select Roses is now OPEN FOR THE SEASON!

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Business Hours:

From March 23 through mid-July, Select Roses is open:
10 am to 5 pm
CLOSED Mondays

We are now OPEN for the season.

Our address:

22771 38 Avenue
Langley, BC V2Z 2G9
Tel. 604-530-5786
Fax. 604-530-5786

About Our Team

The team at Select Roses is a tiny but tough crew of avid gardeners and rose enthusiasts. We love the work we do, and we truly enjoy having visitors to our display gardens. The farm feature hundreds of roses and an outstanding collection of shrubs, rhodos, and azaleas, all planted in a mixed country garden.

Denny and Lori JalbertDenny & Lori Jalbert

Denny is my father, and he is always quick to remind me that he doesn't work for his son, but since he knows best, he's always there to lend a hand. Dad takes care of all the buildings and general operations on our farm. He also makes some incredible wood arbors and trellises for our gardening friends. His workmanship is first-rate!

Lori is my mother and my resident expert on everything. She is always willing to tell Dad and me when things need to be done on the farm! She is also willing to do most jobs at the nursery and works hard to keep our roses in the excellent condition to which you are accustomed. Mom has extensive knowledge in floral design and colour selection, and she is always ready to help you pick out a collection of roses for your garden.

Randal JalbertRandal Jalbert

My brother Randal is in the travel business, but he is also an experienced gardener. You will find him helping out at Select Roses on busy spring weekends.

Randal is the past-president of our local garden club, and has learned a lot about rose growing over the years. He has a good eye for landscape design and if you're lucky to meet him on a sunny spring weekend, you can talk travel and roses! Randal has also started to hybridize daylilies, so if you fancy them come and see his latest collection of new hybrids.


Everyone enjoys how tidy the garden and nursery is at Select Roses and Daisy Howes is one of the main reasons. She spends her time here fluffing the rose beds, weeding, and fertilizing, and somehow manages to shuffle and display our potted roses to make them organized and shopable.

You! Our Loyal Customers & Friends

Millie and her grand-daughter: Millie is a long-time neighbour, friend, and supporter, and one of those people we hold dear to our hearts.

Without you there would be no Select Roses. We are dedicated to growing the very best roses we can, and will do out best in helping you grow wonderful roses too! We consider our customers to be gardening friends and we are always happy to see you, and share in the ups and downs of rose-growing. Feel free to visit the nursery, and walk through the greenhouses or display garden at your leisure. Things can be pretty crazy in the spring, but we make time to take care of you, and hope that you will take time to stop and smell the roses!

To our loyal rose friends over the years, thank you, thank you, thank you! Each and every one of you who comes back to Select Roses inspires me to grow, develop, hybridize, and to expand the garden. For all your kind words and praise of our roses, I extend to you my most humble thanks.