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New at Select Roses this Spring

Yippee! Spring is in the air!  

I think we've all enjoyed the mild winter and are ready to head back to the garden.  As I write this message my family and helpers are busily potting up our incredible selection of premium quality rose bushes. Each year we try to improve on the past, and this year is no exception. 

Thanks to the work of top rose breeders worldwide, and our close relationship with them, we are able to bring you an unprecedented selection of roses that have a high resistance to disease, combined with beautiful flowers and many with outstanding fragrance! 

The days of having to plant roses knowing you will fight black spot all summer are over. If you take the time to select the correct variety for your climate, you can have a healthy, lush rose garden without the use of toxic pesticides. Helping you pick the right rose is our area of expertise. The only thing you need to do is give the plants their basic requirements: good soil, sunshine and water when needed.

We are thrilled to work with our early spring rose shoppers and, more than ever, we are committed to providing you with premium quality, highly disease resistant rose bushes along with first class service and rose knowledge. 

When placing my rose orders this year, I drastically reduced the overall quantity of rose bushes we brought in as our goal is to have these roses into your gardens by late June. With the incredible success and expansion of our breeding program into world markets, we now need to spend July onwards working on Brad's new babies! In other words, if you want the best selection of roses it is important to visit us early in the season well before rose-blooming time.

Now onto the good stuff! Check out what is new and amazing at Select Roses for 2013: 

Francis Meilland®
Outstanding rose perfume combined with highest black spot resistance!

 Winner of the 2013 AARS, and many other prestigious trial-ground honours in Europe. Yet another new generation of rose showing outstanding resistance to disease, combined with a beautiful flower and award-winning fragrance. 

Yes, you read that correctly! Francis Meilland® has a powerful old rose perfume, filling its large shell-pink roses with enough aroma to please the most discerning nose. Foliage is highly polished covering the plant from top to bottom. Growth is strong and upright with each rose being produced on long cutting stems. Powerful growth to around 4-ish feet. Another "must-have" rose for fragrance, health and beauty! 

I saw this rose at European rose trials last summer and it was stunning, but what I remember most is its heavenly true rose perfume.

The first -- I repeat, FIRST-- ever lavender blue rose with superior disease resistance! 

You want this rose! Finally, a truly healthy, easy-to-grow, and highly disease resistant rose in that beautiful lavender blue colour that gardeners love.  

It took the master rose breeders, Kordes of Germany, to bring us this new wonder rose.  Another step forward in the quest for easy care, yet beautiful roses.

Our test plants last summer remained disease free with no spraying, and produced the most beautiful bouquets of frilly roses! This is a must-have new floribunda growing upright and tidy to around three feet.

No it's not highly fragrant, but hush about that; it's lavender blue, gorgeous to look at, and superbly healthy. Plant it: you will love it.

Souvenir de Baden Baden
Also known as 'Pink Enchantment'. Fragrant, beautiful, highly disease resistant. 

This is an outstanding new hybrid tea that has proven itself to be highly resistant to all rose diseases in a variety of climates. It excels in our cooler coastal regions, producing large stunning long stem roses in shades of pink and cream. Its foliage is luxuriant and remains spot free from spring until frost. 

I've noted that it takes some shade better than most roses in this class. Baden Baden also has a wonderful rose perfume making it a favorite for garden bouquets. Everyone should have this rose in their garden as it's a dependable work horse that thrives on little care.

We had a few plants of this rose last year and are delighted to report it sold out first, with gardeners sending us rave reviews! One of the best new modern HT type roses I have seen in years.  Hybridized by Kordes of Germany, it grows robustly to about 4 feet.

Bull's Eye
A breathtaking new "hulthemia" hybrid from the United Kingdom.

If you are looking for something rare and different in your shrub collection you must try one of these new shrub roses! 

 Rose breeders have been working towards these "blotched" eye roses for decades, and have finally introduced some that are resistant to black spot and even fragrant!  

Bull's Eye has pretty flowers in ivory with a cranberry red eye zone, reverse ivory. The colours will vary with climate and weather making it one of the most interesting specimen plants in a garden. Try this one as a feature plant. We only have 15 bushes of this rose so if you want one, be here opening weekend! I will be keeping a few for my breeding work. Grows to 3 to 4 feet.