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A Rose with Great Flavour!

Reposted from the original article by newPlantsandFlowers, an Amsterdam-based interactive news portal that reports on ornamental plant introductions happening all over the world.

Earlier this month the new floribunda rose Bon Appétit was baptized by Edwin and Blanche Vinke, chiefs of De Kromme Watergang, a restaurant with two so-called Michelin stars.

Inviting two culinary experts for this ceremony had a clear purpose. Bon Appétit is, according to the Canadian breeder Brad Jalbert, a rose that adds a refined, not too strong fragrance and a sweet, spicy taste to dishes.

The name giving ceremony took place at Dutch based rose nursery De Bierkreek. The nursery has the exclusive rights to grow this orange rose in Europe. De Bierkreek reperents Jalbert on the European market and introduces, grows and sells the new varieties from this breeder in Europe. Other nurseries in this part of the world are welcome to contact De Bierkreek to become licensed growers of Jalbert varieties including Bon Appétit.

Typical floribunda
Bon Appétit is described as a typical floribunda. It has ruffled petals with orange shades. Early spring this rose starts to bloom. It keep on blooming until fall. Bon Appétit reaches a height of 80-100 cm. It should be highly resistant to several well-known diseases.

Michelin stars
De Kromme Watergang has two Michelin stars. The maximum number of stars is three. The Michelin Guide is a series of annual guide books published by the French company Michelin in more than a dozen countries. It is the oldest and considered as the best-known European hotel and restaurant reference guide. The acquisition or loss of a Michelin star can have dramatic effects on the success of a restaurant.