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Going home...

The sun is setting quickly on this new world I've just explored. Amazing what we do not know until we go!

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Where in the world is Brad? - Part IX

Holland was an outstanding success! Thanks to the wonderful people from Bierkreek Nursery who invited me and my roses here! I can't wait to come back again.

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Where in the world is Brad? - Part VIII

A busy day at Bierkreek Nursery's rose festival, where one of my roses was dedicated to Redmond O'Hanlon, the famous travel writer and adventurer.

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Where in the world is Brad? - Part VII

Spent the first night where I'm staying now in a small farming area with the people who own Bierkreek Rose Nursery. Lots of fun last night at a barbeque dinner with their family and some of their workers.

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Where in the world is Brad? - Part VI

The international rose trial event was outstanding yesterday. I judged roses planted in large beds with hundreds of other people. We have nothing like this in Canada... The entire city gets behind this event. After it was done, there was a very posh outdoor garden banquet, with wine and food flowing as free as the sunshine.

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Where in the world is Brad? - Part V

This area called Elmshorn in Germany is very picturesque. it's around 30 to 40 minutes from a major city called Hamburg. I guess this would be like our Fraser Valley back home!

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Where in the world is Brad? - Part IV

Very long work day in Germany. I spent the day selecting new hybrid roses under test at Kordes. Amazing times being with the greatest rose breeder of this century, Thomas Proll.

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Where in the world is Brad? - Part III

This picture is taken in the Kordes display garden. This is 'Bengali,' an tidy upright grower, with very nice highly polished foliage. It's one of Kordes' gold medal winning* roses.

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Where in the world is Brad? - Part II

Germany, Day One. I'm staying in a nice little down called Elmshorn. First thing I notice is that roses are planted all over. Every street corner has them and they are healthy. Why healthy? Because the Germans are smart people and they plant proper landscape shrub roses rather than typical hybrid tea type that our cities seem stuck on. Landscape shrubs are stunning and are used all over here by the thousands!

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