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From March 17 through mid-July, Select Roses is open:
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We are now CLOSED for the season.

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A Peek at This Year's Test Roses

This year, I sewed more seedlings than ever before. Creating new roses is the part of my business that I love the most. I've been concentrating on developing crosses that will result in the best disease resistance, and the most beautiful flowers. Fragrance, too, is high on the list... everyone still wants roses that smell like roses! It's so important. Thought I'd take you on a little tour of this process.

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Organic Blackspot & Mildew Control

There's finally a new ORGANIC solution for black spot and powdery mildew on roses -- two crummy diseases that can cause a lot of damage and ugliness to the most beautiful of roses.

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Fortitude Roses & Abreast In A Boat

I have another "Rose with Purpose" to remind you about this month. Fortitude is a frilly pink gem dedicated to my Aunt Marie, and the amazing Abreat In A Boat team. A portion of the profits help to defray the high costs of keeping five dragonboats operational.

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Have Roses, Will Travel

Select Roses is on the road next week at the Langley Garden Club, and over the water to Victoria too!

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Splashin' (and we don't mean puddles!)

I have a brand new climber that has just been introduced this year! The plants look faboo and you won't believe the colour: wild, wacky, and fun! 'Purple Splash' adds a whole new colourway to the world of climbers.

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Planting Demo

Join me at my Planting Demonstrations this month! I'll give you my quick-and-dirty 30 minute planting lesson, and you'll learn everything you need to know about planting roses. These are fast, real-life seminars that we hold outside in the garden (so wear your wellies if it's wet).

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AC Navy Lady Rose

So many of you have asked about the AC Navy Lady rose again this year, since she was in short supply and sold out very quickly last season. This rose has quite a special dedication. It was named in honour of the thousands of Canadian women who served in the Women's Royal Canadian Naval Service (WRCNS), known as Wrens, and the women who continue to serve as members of the Canadian Navy today.

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Sweet Vigorosa Saturday!

I'm a fan of Sweet Vigorosa because of its shimmering, radiant pink roses in masses all summer long. But these remarkable landscape plants are available in a multitude of colours. All Vigorosas have superb, highly polished foliage on plants that spread to about three feet. Rugged, winter hardy and easy to grow in large containers or open ground!

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Dowdeswell's Delphiniums

Gardeners throughout the world love delphiniums but relatively few realise how easy it is to grow them, or what a wonderful range of form and colour is available.

It is our aim, through the provision of information and access to plant material, to promote delphiniums in the gardens of the world, and through the breeding programmes of ourselves and others, select strains suited to as wide a variety of conditions as possible.

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