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We are now CLOSED for the season.

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A Christmas Rose!

Updated on Sunday, December 25, 2011 at 12:00 AM by Registered CommenterSelect Roses

The very last new seedlings from my 2010 crosses flowered for me on Christmas morning!

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Glad Tidings

As our gardens sleep for the winter, we send you our sincere thanks for spending time at our local nursery, planting roses, gifting them to the special people in your lives, and for taking interest in the hybridizationwork we do.

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Loretta Lynn Van Lear Rose

Sony Music Nashville commissioned one of Brad Jalbert's very own hybrid as a gift to country music legend, Loretta Lynn, to celebrate her 50 years in the music business.

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Marylou Whitney Rose

Marylou Whitney received a Select rose in her honour. Ms. Whitney is a prominent socialite, thoroughbred owner, and philanthropist. This pink hybrid tea was a birthday gift from her husband, John Hendrickson.

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Cold Snap Alert

In my last e-news, I explained how to protect roses for the winter. The dilemma we have right now is that a drastic swing in temperature--before our plants have approached dormancy--can be very hard on our plants. Cold weather in winter, once our roses have time to adjust, is not generally a serious issue.

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Fall Sale Weekends

I hope you have all enjoyed your summer and your gardens as much as I have. Things started out rough this spring, but we sure ended up with some wonderful roses. I took a trip to visit Palatine Fruit and Roses in Ontario and also spent a few days in Montreal to enjoy the superb Montreal Botanical Garden.

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New Varieties Movies

We've created two little movies of the new varieties hybridized here at Select Roses. The first is an overview of my newest releases, and the second is a collection of roses commissioned particularly for the McCarthy family. When you view the McCarthy movie, look for the 'Saint Benedict' rose -- you'll see how remarkable this little beauty is, first opening in a delicate apricot shade, then fading to a crisp, pure white.

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Way to Grow with Tamara Taggart

Shot in the summer of 2009 here at Select Roses, you can still view "It's Roses 101!" with Tamara Taggart and yours truly, online.

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