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Business Hours:

From March 23 through mid-July, Select Roses is open:
10 am to 5 pm
CLOSED Mondays

We are now OPEN for the season.

Our address:

22771 38 Avenue
Langley, BC V2Z 2G9
Tel. 604-530-5786
Fax. 604-530-5786

Why Choose Select Roses?

Knowledge & Service

We are rose people! We grow them, we love them, we hybridize them, we care for them. And we take the time to help you grow and enjoy your roses too. We appreciate our customers and make sure that you get the same great care our roses do.


We do our research and testing to bring you the finest quality and selection of roses available in Western Canada. Since roses are our passion, countless hours are spent selecting the best roses for this climate. We have long and well-established working relationships with top rose growers in Canada and USA, and this brings our customers the best of the best. Our collection is vast with no "filler" varieties. Each variety is on our farm for a good reason: because it will please gardeners! The best time to see the full line-up of amazing garden roses is early in the season, rather than later when the roses are in flower.

Home Grown Roses

Many of our roses are hybridized and grown on the farm. Our breeding and testing program starts here and continues in a variety of climates. The patio and miniature roses, along with others, are grown own-root in the greenhouses.

Rose Care

Sustainable, common sense gardening is practiced here. We firmly believe that gardening and farming of any type is about working with Mother Nature, not about doing battle with her. From the moment our roses arrive, they are handled with care by rose lovers.  We use only the finest soil mixes and best fertilizers. Most of our garden and nursery helpers have been with us for over a decade and take personal care and interest in the roses. We are a passionate group! The use of pesticides is kept to a minimum, with lowest-toxicity, best gardening practices always used first. We believe in keeping our roses healthy and having absolute respect for our land, neighbours and community.


Thank you for purchasing a Select Roses rose! We appreciate that you have taken the time to visit our rose nursery and we hope you’ll enjoy your roses as much as we do. The rose you have purchased is of the finest quality, and has been cared for by my family and our garden helpers. We take a personal interest in how our roses grow in your garden. If you have any questions or concerns about your new rose, please email, call, or visit our website for growing tips.

  1. If the rose you purchased flowers and turns out to be the incorrect variety, notify us immediately so that we can replace the rose or refund your purchase.

  3. If you purchase a dormant rose in early spring, and despite giving it proper care it fails to leaf out, we will happily replace or refund your purchase. Keep in mind that some roses can be slower than others so give them appropriate time to leaf out. A couple months’ grace is the needed during a cool spring.

  5. If you purchase a rose that has already leafed out, and is in bud or bloom, please realize it has been given the best care we can provide, and is now in your hands. We’ll do our best to help you grow them, but we can’t grow them for you. The most common cause of failure of a plant (any plant) is too much fertilizer or not enough water. If you plant a rose that is in full flower, it may need daily watering for the first few weeks after planting. If your leafed out rose is left to grow in a pot, it may need daily watering as well. Roses, like any plant, are living growing entities and will require care. If you feel that the rose is not doing well, please contact us so we can offer you the best growing advice.

  7. Weather and Winter. Gosh, I would love to control both of them! Since the elements are beyond our control, we can’t warranty a plant due to extreme weather or winter conditions. Most roses we sell will survive the average coastal BC winter just fine. In some years, we may lose a rose, just like any other plant. Like other gardeners, rose gardeners depend on Mother Nature for the optimum wellbeing of the plants.